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Convert your Instagram Video to MP3 format by using Cloud convert after downloading the file. More information provided below.

How to Download Photos and Videos from Instagram with DownloadGram?

  • Step 1: Copy to URL of the Video from Instagram
  • Now Paste this URL in the bar given on's Homepage
  • The Downloadable Media Will appear shortly
  • The video will be fetched, download your video in MP4 format and save it on your computer.
  • Now we have to convert Instagram video to MP3 format by using Cloud convert
  • Go to and upload that mp4 file and convert in the audio format and download your mp3 file

What is Instagram?

Since the launch of Instagram it is gaining immense popularity in the world as the best photo sharing app. Instagram has over a billion active users on its platform. With Instagram, you can share your photos and videos with other Instagram users around the world and also get followers from all over the world. Anyone can view the amazing Instagram images and Instagram videos that Instagram users from all over the world enjoy with the new hashtag feature from Instagram. But with growing popularity and amazing features, instagram is also known for some restrictions on their platform, such as you cannot upload instagram photos or save instagram photos and upload instagram videos in full size, and you cannot view someone's instagram profile pictures in full size ... These things make anyone angry and frustrated because all the giant social media sites allow their users to upload Instagram photos or save photos and download Instagram videos from their platform. But due to these small restrictions, the giant photo sharing app is forcing its users to leave the platform.

Instagram has been changed rapidly and has also launched amazing new features including IGTV and Instagram Stories ads. In the years to come, Instagram will become the best social media app for teens because these days social media mobility is growing every day and fewer people use their computers or laptops for social media. Many people also use instagram downloader such as to download instagram photos or save instagram photos and download instagram videos. Instagram is also changing its algorithm, and because of this, their secret algorithm decides which photo or video will be the most popular and popular. Due to the recently changed algorithm, many people are trying to catch on on Instagram. And you know which Instagram is also used to make money,

About DownloadGram

Insta Downloader is an Instagram video downloader that can be used to download any Instagram video or image in MP4 format. The service is free and we will always serve our users free of charge. The best thing about our Instagram Video Converter is that you can use this tool on any device like Windows, iOS and Android. All you need to do is copy the Instagram video URL and paste it into the URL field above. Finally, the video will be fetched from the url and the download link will be provided below.

DownloadGram Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why the video is only playing and not downloading?

    The video is only playing because you didn't right click on the video with your mouse. You can save the video by right clicking -> Save as video or by clicking on the 3 points and choosing the download option. .

  • Can I download Instagram Audio in 1080p?

    Yes, you can download videos from Instagram in MP4 format and then convert that video into any audio format including mp3, wav, m4a, flac, ogg, amr, mp2, and m4r.

  • Can I download IGTV videos and stories from Instagram?

    Yes, on Instadownloader you can download any story and IGTV video from Instagram easily. You insert either URL or username of the profile to download latest post, stories, and IGTV videos from Instagram.

  • Is your Instagram MP3 Downloader safe to use

    Yes, our Instagram Downloader is virus and malware free and safe to use.

  • Where the videos are saved after downloading from Instagram?

    Videos are saved in the location you want, which is usually in the Downloads folder. Alternatively, you can select a location after right click -> Save as option and select a location. However, you can also check the download folder by pressing Ctrl + J in Chrome and Firefox [Windows]. .

  • Why you have developed was created for our own use to download videos and images from Instagram and later became online because of public demand.

  • Can I convert Instagram Reels to MP3 Format

    No, currently we don't support downloading highlight and reelss from Instagram but the feature will be added in the near future.

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