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How To Download Instagram Videos?

  • Copy and paste the URL from Instagram to the URL box on our Insta Downloader given above
  • Now Click on the Download button
  • The URL will be fetched and the download link will be provided with the video
  • Finally, RIght-Click and Save the video or click on the 3 dots and click on download option
  • About Instagram

    The app will then send you the photo or video, and you can share it with friends as well. The app features a simple design and an easy-to-use app design. Photos are taken from the iPhone and then placed on the screen. The app contains a list of all of the users who have registered to our service. The app is not personalized, so you can never know if you're using a different person or a different app. The app also has a "Share" feature that lets you share your photos or videos directly to your friends. Users can also upload their photos or videos to Instagram. The app allows you to access Instagram account information, upload your photos or videos to Instagram, and share them with friends. The app also has a "Twitter" feature, which lets you follow a specific person or a specific group of people in a particular way. You can also tweet about the app for a friend, who can then comment on your profile. You can also post your Instagram posts on Instagram and post them to your own social networks, giving the app a wider reach. The app is free and open to anyone from 18 and older. The app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store.

    From the day Instagram is launched, it's gaining a huge popularity in the world as best photo sharing app. Instagram has over a billion active users on their platform. By using instagram you can share your photos and videos with other worldwide instagram users and also get followers from all over the world. Anyone can view amazing instagram pictures and instagram videos shared by instagram users from all over the world with the new hashtag feature from instagram. But with the increasing popularity and amazing features instagram is also known for some restrictions on their platform such as you can not download instagram photos or save instagram photos and download instagram videos in their full size and you cannot view anyone's instagram profile picture in full size. These things make anyone angry and frustrated, because all giant social media websites are allowing their users to download instagram photos or save photos and download instagram videos from their platform. But because of these small restrictions from a giant photo sharing app is making their users to leave the platform.

    I also know that there are a lot of people all over the world who loves the instagram app even after these restrictions. so as a solution or a fix to these restriction users look for third party instagram photo downloader apps or websites to save instagram photos or download instagram photos and download instagram videos. That is why we made this tool to which allows you to download instagram videos and download instagram photos or save instagram photos in their full resolution for free. You can download or save as many photos and videos as you want.

    These days instagram is changing rapidly and also launching new and amazing features including IGTV and ads in instagram stories. In upcoming years Instagram will be the best social networking app for teens because these days mobile usability for social networking is increasing day by day and less peoples are using their computers or laptops for social networking. Many people also use instagram downloader to download instagram photos or save instagram photos and download instagram videos.Instagram is also changing their algorithm and because of that their secret algorithm decides that which photo or video will be at the top and popular. Because of newly changed algorithm many peoples are struggling to get followers, like and popularity on Instagram. And you know what instagram is also used for making money by promoting any product or service to your followers through your Instagram page.

    Note: doesn't host any pirated content on its servers so any video or image you download is directly downloaded from Instagram.


    Insta Downloader is an Instagram video downloader which can be used to download any video or image from Instagram in MP4 format. The service is free and we will serve our users for free always. The best thing about our Instagram Video converter is that you can use this tool on any device such as Windows, iOS, and Android. All you need to do is copy the URL of the video from Instagram and paste it in the URL box given above. Finally, the video will be fetched from the URL and download link will be provided below.

    Features of our Insta Downloader

  • Fast and Secure
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Instagram To MP4
  • Malware and Virus Free
  • No login required, Download with just one click
  • Save, Download video and images from Instagram Private Account
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why the video is playing instead of downloading?

    The video is just playing because you have not right clicked on the video with the mouse. You can save the video either by Right Click -> Save As Video or Click on the 3 dots and select the download option.

    Can I download any video from Instagram?

    Sure, you can download any video from Instagram using our Instagram Downloader.

    Can I save Live Instagram Videos?

    No, you can't save Instagram Live videos but we will add this feature soon.

    Is your Insta Downloader free to use or it needs money after using some time?

    Our Instagram Downloader service is totally free and it has no limit to download.

    Where the videos are saved after download?

    The videos are saved in your desired location which usually is in Downloads folder. Alternatively, you can choose the location after Right Click-> Save as option and choose the location. However, you can also check the download folder by pressing Ctrl + J in Chrome and Firefox [Windows].